How to Stay Motivated

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  This is a poignant post for me because I’ve been there. It’s hard to stay motivated when the story isn’t coming, or I get one more “this isn’t quite right for me” response to a query, or after an exhausting day with the kids and work. It’s one of the unique things about being a writer. […]

What Allows Him to Drive a Ferrari

Lars and Me with NYT Bestselling Author Terry Goodkind

  Several years ago, my husband, his brother, his writing buddy and I drove down to Las Vegas to see New York Times Bestselling author Terry Goodkind in person. We were devouring his Sword of Truth series at the time, which were about as addicting as that gooey chex-mix stuff we make on New Years […]

Why I Write

After a few false starts and a couple of challenging years, I am finally ready to query agents with my first completed novel. It is exciting and nerve racking at the same time. The highs when you’re flowing are counterbalanced by the discouragement when things just refuse to click. I could probably fill four large […]