interviews & reviews

Check out these awesome interviews & reviews by some pretty amazing folks:

KellyAnne Blount Wattpad Summer Block Party

Colleen Story Wellness & Writing Website

Melanie Coetzee – UBR Recommendation

Double Decker Books – Interview with Sarah Benson

C.J. Anaya Author C.J. Anaya

Ayanami Faerudo Whatever You Can Still Betray

Czai The Blacksheep Project

Tilly Tilly-and-her-books

Aoife Fred Weasley Died Laughing

I am also a panelist on The Corner Booth – a Youtube channel dedicated to helping folks succeed on Wattpad. These are some of the the episodes I have participated in.

Episode 4: Babies & Formulas: Don’t Whine, Don’t Overthink

Episode 5: Questions ARE Answers: The Importance of Curiosity

Episode 7: Quid Pro Quo

Episode 9: The Lightbulb & The Lightswitch: Ideas and Hindrances