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Learning can be… Fun?!

Does learning at your house ever feel like something to be checked off a list? A “have-to-do activity? Do you find yourself telling your kids they can do the “fun stuff” when they get done with their school? We’ve been there at my house – sad, I know – but it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. It is amazing to acquire new skills and soak up knowledge. As human beings, we are naturally curious and when we get our imaginations involved learning can be so fun –  for the whole family!


Here’s a picture of me and my crazy family. We have a lot of fun together, and like probably most of you, we’re pretty busy. Between running a business with my husband and supervising the education of my children as a homeschooling mama, I realize how limited time can be! The hustle and bustle of life can suck the fun right out of learning. I want to help you bring that magic back and help your family learn in the process! I spent a few years researching Egypt and writing a YA adventure novel, Born of Shadow, which features Egyptian history, culture, and attractions. It was an amazing journey for me and I wanted to share that magical experience with you and your family. The idea for the Egyptian Adventure Bundle was born. I had so much fun developing these guides with my sister – for your family to enjoy!

Egyptian Adventure Bundle

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For the low price of $29.99 ($24.99 for a limited time) you can create an Egyptian learning experience for your family. The Bundle includes:
• Digital copy of Born of Shadow (YA fictional adventure novel based in Egypt and recommended for ages 12 and up)
• Three educational guides packed full of fascinating facts, hands-on activities, educational imagination-capturing videos, and learning experiences!
• Learn about Ancient Egypt, Towering Pyramids, Mummies, & more. Great fun – for the WHOLE family!

OR… for a limited time get the

Egyptian Adventure Bundle Kit

Includes all the fun digital learning from the digital bundle above as well as:

  • A paperback copy of Born of Shadow!
  • Black tote bag – to keep all your materials in one place
  • Activity Instructions – for easy reference
  • The many supplies that will bring your Egyptian studies to life!
Egyptian Adventure Kit - includes a paperback copy of Born of Shadow as well as supplies for all the fun hands-on activities.

A summer of fun and learning all of this for the low price of $75 ($65 for a limited time)

We have a small supply of these exclusive kits so grab yours today! The kits are available for pick-up in the Nampa, ID area or for $8 can be shipped to your door.

Will I have time for this?

These guides are perfect for busy moms and dads. Countless hours have been spent creating engaging content and finding fun resources to make your job easy. The hands-on activities use commonly found items – most you will already have sitting around the house. The learning can easily be accomplished using a computer, tablet, or phone. You can be as involved as you want or hand the adventure off to the kids while getting caught up housework or project – or relaxing and putting your feet up. You deserve it! I want this to be easy. I want you to succeed. You can be the hero – making learning fun again!


What’s included in the guides?

The guides include LOTS of learning fun – enough to keep you busy for weeks. Topics include:

  • Fun Egyptian facts
  • Scarab beetles and why they were worshiped
  • The mystery of how the pyramids were built
  • Space Archaeology – What is it and how you can get involved
  • Valley of the Golden Mummies – a recent discovery!
  • What lives in the Sahara – and how it survives
  • Pets in Egypt
  • Animal mummies – yes, they were popular!
  • King Tut’s tomb
  • Egyptian fashion – ancient outfits and current trends
  • Uncovering the Sphinx’s mysterious past
  • Hieroglyphics and the secrets they uncover
  • How mummies were made – and WHY!
  • Feasting in the afterlife
  • Modern-day mummification

Activities in the guides are designed to be engaging and educational at the same time.

Enjoy delving into activities that cover Math, Science, History, and English learning. Gain experience in research and technology skills.

  • Become an animal mummy detective
  • Fold origami pyramids
  • Create scarab beetles
  • Mummify hot dogs
  • Discover how long cactus roots are in the Sahara
  • Enjoy Story Times and try your hand at creative writing prompts
  • Craft a mummy friend
  • Sleuth the answer to how the pyramids were made
  • Dress like an Egyptian
  • Write your name in Hieroglyphics – create a cartouche
  • Research the 7 ancient wonders
  • Become a pyramid builder using household materials

… and more!


 On Sale Today!

Whether you are looking for some summer learning experiences for the family or dreaming ahead to school next year – it’s the perfect time to offer you a limited time discount of $5 off your purchase. A trip to visit Egypt would cost thousands of dollars for one person – but with the Egyptian Adventure Bundle, the whole family can experience Egypt from the comfort of home for just $24.99.

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This deal won’t last long, so snatch up your digital bundle today!

Will I be Happy with the Purchase?

The Egyptian Adventure Bundle has been thoroughly tested by families like yours and they had great things to say about the experience.

Just a few comments:

Our children looked forward to each time we explored Egypt. The well-written units cover a variety of topics and Egyptian vocabulary snuck its way into our everyday conversations. The activities were fun and encouraged further learning! Our older children devoured Born of Shadow and added insight to our discussions. A thoroughly enjoyable and educational time together! – Becky (mom)

The Egyptian guides were very creative and fun. I liked the activities and I learned a lot more than I expected. I liked the variety in subjects and how everything still all tied into Egypt. It made me happy and excited to learn. -Kiara (age 17)

Is it Friday today? -Hyrum (3-year-old who got to do Egyptian studies on Fridays)

The Egyptian guides were very well made, and easy to learn from. The facts are fun and educational. It’s perfect for a sit-down lessons or a hands-on one. -Autumn (age 13)


It was awesome. I liked the pyramid building. -Caleb (age 8)

As I had the opportunity to observe the Egyptian unit being taught to a group of mixed ages (around 12-17), I was impressed with all the mixed media resources it included. The craft activities were simple but fun, and the kids seemed to enjoy them. I even learned new information about Egypt, & I wasn’t fully participating in the class. Great unit study for a mix of ages! -Megan (Mom)

I really enjoyed making the cartouches and the beetles. I thought all of it was fun. I liked the activities and thought it was interesting. -Hailey (age 11)

We loved the variety of activities – math, creative writing, science, art… the supplies were common things that we had or were easy to find and I appreciated that! – Rebecca (mom)


The activities were interactive and kid-friendly. They captivated the kid’s attention and also educated them. -Faith (age 19)

I liked the activities in the guide. There was quite a variety of those. I liked learning facts about Egypt. It made me want to learn even more about the Egyptians and their culture. -Calvin (age 14)

I really enjoyed the different object lessons/activities. They were fun and informational. -Hannah (age 16)


Go ahead – purchase with confidence!

Give those you love the most the gift of creative learning and engaging experiences.

Invest in their future today!


Want the book?

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Are you wanting a paperback copy of Born of Shadow to go along with your digital Egyptian Adventure Bundle? Purchase Born of Shadow on Amazon HERE.