I Had a Blast!

So we just got back from a trip down to southern Idaho. We spent a little under a week hanging out with my hubby’s family where we enjoyed a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner and my father-in-law, who recently returned from Nigeria, was rushed to the emergency room with an Ebola scare and was examined by doctors in hazmat suits. Fortunately it turned out not to be Ebola, but I digress.

I was privileged to be asked by my buddy Kimber and the librarian Marilyn to do a book signing there in Rigby. So Tuesday night, we arrived at the library to see this:


I’m not going to deny, it was pretty cool 🙂

I’ll tell you what, my hubby and I so loved our years living in Rigby, so it totally felt like we were coming home. We were busy the entire night, signing books (we sold out!) and catching up with old friends (and making new ones). Here’s a few highlights of the evening’s festivities.

at the table


Aren’t these girls adorable?


And these? 🙂 This is my buddy Tonya and her sweet girls.


The guy on the left is Sam Tower, the cop I named Samuel T. Towers after. The guy on the right is my hubby.


This is Sam’s gorgeous wife Kimber, who invited me to sign at the library. We go waaaay back 🙂


This is my lovely friend Colleen. Fresh out of college, I worked in a marketing department with her – she was a writer and I was a graphic designer. She’s also a fantasy writer (http://colleenmstory.com).


My sister-in-law Alicia and my beautiful niece, Ruby


The lovely ladies of the Rigby, ID library 🙂


Aww – my book looks so cute there. I’m happy to have Born of Shadow at the Rigby library with their awesome new YA section. If you live in the area, you should check it out!

Do you have library near you where you’d like to see Born of Shadow?