Born of Shadow Featured on Wellness Site

I have a couple of exciting things happening and wanted to share. Straight out of college, I began my first job as a graphic designer. I became close friends with a writer in the marketing department named Colleen Story. After we both left the company, we combined forces to create several freelance projects together. We are now at another crossroads where we are both authors (I released my first novel last year, she will be releasing two this year). It has been so fun to see the way the threads of our lives have intersected.

Colleen also runs a wonderfully informative writing and wellness website in which she focuses on how writers can maintain their health despite a fairly sedantary career. She was lovely enough to feature me and Born of Shadow on her website. In it, I talk about changes I made to my writing environment to avoid carpal tunnel and about early rejections (including a particularly difficult one on my birthday) that led to finding success on Wattpad and indie publishing. You can check out the article here.

The second thing is I will be giving away a free signed copy of Born of Shadow (yay) as a part of this celebration on Facebook. Please join us for a chance to win the book and lots of other fun prizes. I hope you can join us!