Holding the First Copies of My Book

A big day! After years of work I am finally holding my book in my hands. It is such a surreal feeling. I’m very happy with the printing. The first box will be for the initial signed orders, but we’ve already sold out of those and will need to order another.

The cover was painted by a talented artist from Vietnam. Found him on Fiver and really enjoyed his work. I hired two editors, one from England to ensure Liam sounded authentic and another from California because of her in-depth publishing/editing experience. This novel really became a global effort.

For any author on a budget, I recommend trying Fiver. You can find some amazingly talented people out there for an affordable price. You may need to wade through 90% of the gigs that don’t have much pizazz so don’t get discouraged if at first you don’t find what you are looking for.



  1. Bayaan Odeh says

    Wow, I seriously can’t wait until this book comes into my library, haha. I had to see your special website after reading your book on wattpad. I hope i can actually just recheck the book out from my library than sit on a computer and read it every day, over and over again :)

  2. Ruth Hansen says

    Nice! Having those hard copies in your hands is such a great accomplishment! You deserve to celebrate. Thanks for the tips on how you got your cover done – I really like the artwork on the front – it’s bright, colorful, and captures some great action.

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